Monday, January 21, 2008

Things I love today

  • Snow and lots of it! We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow, Ryan came to get in bed with us. Jamie opened the blinds and we all watched a beautiful snowfall.

  • Scrambled eggs with home made jalapeno jelly! It was so yummy!

  • Scarfs- I cant get enough of them. I find a way to wear one every day!

  • Dark Chocolate covered pretzel crisps! So good!

  • Diet sprite with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime! So refreshing and seasonal!

  • Slippers- I am wearing Jamie's right now, mine are up stairs! Love cozy feet!

  • Ryan-he is trying so hard to talk! He sings too! If I can video it for you I will!

  • White Tulips! I know its not spring, but I saw some on Saturday and they were so beautiful. I bought two bunches and put them in a vase with a large chocolate ribbon. They look so lovely!

  • Dixie Chicks-so It has been a while since I have put any of those Cd's in. But when you do-it is so great, brought back lots of memories. Makes cleaning more enjoyable too!

  • Rumbis Vodoo Salad- I know I have said this before, on Saturday I met Jamie and Ryan for lunch, (they had gone to the car show) and I thought to myself, I could eat this everyday! And its healthy BONUS!


Teresa said...

K, I looked up your fave salad and it does sound yummy! So could you figure how to duplicate the dressing so I could make it at home?
I love tulips too, orange are my fave. Scott even brought home a big jar of tulip bulbs from Costco to force indoors. I'm so excited to see them open and brighten up my house!

Emily Watson said...

It is so good~! I dont know where to get the recipe but I will try!