Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Accident Prone!

This morning was a typical morning, Ryan and I woke up went downstairs had bowls of oatmeal with blue berries and toast. We read some books and played some games. Then we went upstairs, showered, and I had just plugged in my chi straightener. It really does a good job and is really hot! And before I could save him Ryan grabbed it and the rest was history. He had burned his hand. I felt awful as I put his hand under the faucet of cold water. He was really upset, I have never felt so bad. He was hurt and I couldn't fix it. I iced a few towels and gave him an otter pop, hoping that by holding it he would stop crying and find relief. Finally I got a large cup, filled it with snow and water, and he put his hand in it. We sat on the sofa for two hours, he kept his hand in the cup the entire time, until he fell asleep. I was so happy that he fell asleep. I knew he must be feeling better.

After his nap he was a typical happy one year old. We had to take my Mom to the airport, so we went to go pick her up. We stopped to see my sisters new house in SLC and headed home. About two hours later, Ryan was playing on his rocking horse and flipped over it forward into the coffee table. I looked up and his face was covered in blood!(bloody nose) I thought to myself not again! I held him for an hour. He seemed very content in my arms.

It was a hard day,I really haven't accomplished anything I had planned. Even so, there is nothing better than holding my little one! I love that he feels safe in my arms. I am just hoping that he makes it without a concussion by age two!


Liz said...

poor little guy! they are so interested in everything that these things are bound to happen!

Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

I feel for you and I'm sure it is only going to get worse. Jack didn't feel well today and I got to cuddle with him all day. I love it when he lets me do that, though I hate that he doesn't feel well and I can't help him through it. Good luck!!