Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100th Post!

  1. I have made it to my 100th post! To commemorate here is 100 things about me in no particular order.

    I love to people watch, sometimes I stare. I don't mean to but I am really curious!

  2. I bite my nails-I have been doing it as long as I can remember.

  3. I eat oatmeal at least three times a week for breakfast

  4. At the Gym I always put the elliptical on the highest resistance. At least twice a week I use the stair stepper (It really hurts)

  5. I love reality TV aka The Hills, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, Keeping up with the Kardasians and many more!

  6. I TV-O all these shows and watch them at night after Ryan has gone to bed

  7. I have lots of cookbooks, I just counted 29 but I really only use 8 of them regularly.

  8. Even with all those cookbooks I use at least 3 online recipes a week!

  9. I hate laundry! I don't mind washing it, but I hate to fold and put away. I just feel like it is never caught up, I have resolved that it never will.

  10. I love straws and Real glasses. Except for sippy cups and Ryan's few dishes, we don't have one plastic cup, plate or bowl! Real dishes only!

  11. I love to make soups and freeze them . It really comes in handy when your husband comes home starving and I can make a quick and delicious soup and grilled cheese.

  12. If I had a choice I would eat salads for every meal, When I was a little girl when people would ask what my favorite food was. I always wanted to say salad, but I thought they wouldn't believe me!

  13. I have been in a TV commercial, I lived in Beverly Hills as a little girl and my mom would take me to auditions!

  14. I love sports, but I am not very sporty, I like Golf and Tennis, someday I hope to improve both games.

  15. I love to run and want to run a Marathon Before I'm 40!

  16. I worship the sun, In the summer I am found at the pool or laying out by it!

  17. I shave my legs every day!

  18. I love taking pictures, especially of Ryan, Next year I want a professional camera. I think I would put it to good use!

  19. Blue is my favorite color- Robbin egg blue and Martha Stewart blue

  20. I hate pot lucks, I don't mind if its with people I know well, but In general think they are disgusting!

  21. I love cake platters and stands.

  22. Actually I love any type of kitchen gadget!

  23. I love the smell of cinnamon and vanilla candles

  24. I used to plan weddings and parties

  25. I love to plan every detail from the food to the color of each flower

  26. I love linens especially table linens

  27. I brush my teeth more than twice a day

  28. Ryan does too! Because he loves brushing his teeth!

  29. I love limes and always order them with diet Pepsi

  30. I wear the perfume Amarige by Giovinchy and have worn it for 9 years!

  31. I love chunky jewelery but only like simple earrings.

  32. I served a Spanish speaking mission in California

  33. My first car was a u-go, It was really embarrassing but it got me around, some of you may remember it!

  34. I was born in California

  35. I have lived in CA, VA, OH, NJ and UT!

  36. I lived in California the longest and Utah a close second

  37. I have played soft ball and volleyball on a team

  38. When I was five I took a cheer leading class I still remember the cheers, (Texas cactus...you need a little practice...)

  39. I have degrees in Business and Interior design

  40. I love ice cream! I really don't have a favorite flavor because there are so many good ones

  41. I love Paris and want to go there someday!

  42. I am a people person , I love company and don't like to be alone for an extended amount of time.

  43. I have four sisters and two brothers

  44. My sisters were in the room when Ryan was born, they said it was really awesome!

  45. I hate scary movies, I cant sleep if I have watched one.

  46. I love decorating for Holidays! I think it is so much fun!

  47. My favorite Holidays are Christmas and Easter

  48. When I was young, my dad would turn off the lights, I shared a room with my sister, we would turn them back on and read. Sometimes I would wake up with a book on my face.
  49. I also got in trouble in gradeschool for reading under my desk during Science and Math!

  50. I was called the Glitter Queen in 3rd grade because I loved glitter and it followed me everywhere.

  51. My favorite place to go is the beach, the sounds of the waves bring back lots of memories
  52. I think you make better decsions if you shop online, I do most of my shopping that way

  53. I look at other peoples teeth (sorry but I really do)

  54. I love music, all types especially country and the top 40

  55. Once at the gym I was singing out loud on the treadmill the guy next to me asked me to please stop. I was really embarassed, his wife is now one of my closest friends! (That was over 7 years ago)

  56. I took voice lessons when I was in highschool, my friends would laugh at me because I would sing every popular pop song in opera or classical style. ( I dont do this anymore either)

  57. I was in Muscials in Highschool and College

  58. In Highschool during my freshman year my seminary teacher asked me to sing in class, I had been working on a song by the Carpenters"You light up my life" I sang it for my class. I almost cry thinking of it now, who would sing that song in a seminary class? Not one of my proudest moments

  59. I love Pride and Prejudice- Mr Darcy especially! I also like most classic movies like Emma and Sence and Sensibilty.

  60. I love to shop! I love Nordstoms and the Mall, Target and The Outlets

  61. I'm an accessory guru!

  62. My favorite veggies are asparagus and green beans

  63. I love European chocolate, especially dark

  64. I heart Martha Stewart, love her creativity

  65. I've made PB ornaments and really cute baby girl shoes!

  66. My favorite outfit is too small, lame

  67. I always want to have a killer tan, I dont right now but I used to tan. I might start spray tanning again real soon!

  68. I loathe scrapbooking, seriously

  69. I enjoy looking at photo albums

  70. I am ALWAYS late to church

  71. I am afraid of the dark

  72. and fish

  73. and SHARKS!

  74. I despise dust and dirty kitchen floors, I try to mop every day sometimes twice

  75. I am not a bargain shopper/if you are lets go shopping!

  76. Jamie is!

  77. I adore Ryan

  78. Sunglasses are necessary

  79. I love celebrity mags

  80. My favorite place to eat is Market Street Grill

  81. I've worked at Nordstrom's

  82. and Ethan Allen

  83. and Shaw Floors

  84. and Abbey Floors.

  85. I love to cater events

  86. I once catered an event in D.C. for Gov. Jon Huntsman

  87. I almost killed my roomates in college chasing boys over railroad tracks

  88. I drive a white Honda CRV

  89. I'll never drive a minivan, it's ok if you do, I might eat my words someday..

  90. I'm starting a business, Your Savvy Nanny.

  91. I love to travel

  92. My favorite beauty product: Mary Kay Mascara

  93. I like designer diaper bags

  94. I would rather have a smaller house and lots of toys

  95. I dream of money- not really but I think about it alot

  96. I could be pregnant right now, who knows?

  97. I would like to work professionally but Ryan is my number one

  98. I love my friends and cherish each one of them!

  99. Can you ever get enough GNO'S? (Girls nights out)

  100. I want a huge gourmet kitchen now please!

I can't belive I did this, I have been working on it for three days! Enjoy!


Teresa said...

That was fun! Namely #55. Seriously, 7 years ago?! Seriously?!

Becca said...

That was so fun--thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll have to try one soon! I forget how much fun you are. I think that we should try to get together soon for lunch or a play date. Give me a call or send me an e-mail and we'll work something out!

Missy said...

I found your blog through my cousin, Aimee. (Actually she's my husbands cousin but that still counts right?) What a fun post! I think we may have been separated at birth.
Love your blog!!!

Alli said...

I learned lots of things about you in this post. Although my favorite...you watch THE HILLS. That is my favorite show. I think I'm trying to live a fun California life again through LC.

Howling Pickup said...

That was so fun to read! I learned that we have quite a bit in common!