Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Great Design!

I love the upholstered headboards at Restoration Harware. I think I could design a room around one of these. They look so sheek! And so many textile choices!
The chocolate brown, is so pretty!


Teresa said...

OK, let's hear it...wall color? China blue. Bedding? Crisp white sheets, brown and white toile. Mirrored bedside tables, Espresso dresser with mirror, red roses in a clear vase for accent color.
What's your take?

Emily Watson said...

Impressive! Creamy Gold walls accented with Cream panneled walls(half way from the floor)Dark Hardwood foors with a cream rug. Ralph lauren golden sheets monnogrammed. Cream Bedspread with Creamy Golden Wide stripes and small Chocolate stripes.Chocolate silk taliored decorative window valances. One round antique bedside table, and a square one on the opposite side with drawers for storage.(Possibly Cream)Glass vase with a cream and orange orchid. Chocolate and gold patterned chair in the corner with a subdued orange pillow.Tall dresser with two paintings above.

This was fun! Now I just need an income!

Blondie said...

Hey Em,

I haven't talked to you for weeks! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and Happy New Year!! I'll call you soon and I love your designer tips.