Friday, January 25, 2008


This is my first time tagged by my friend Aimee. I figure its fun to share things people may not know about me.

  • Where did you meet your husband? At work- I was his boss. He would leave diet cokes on my desk, and would help me with tasks that no one else would. when he would ask me out I would turn him down because we worked together. I had called into work because my car wouldn't start. He heard about it and came right away. To thank him I took him to lunch. He wouldn't let me pay, he looked at me and said " this is a date". It took a couple more weeks before I finally gave in.
  • First thing said? I'm sure it was "Hello I'm Emily nice to meet you. Welcome to our company" I do remember he smiled and asked me questions,(where are you from? etc...)
  • 1st date? It was a really nice date. I even remember what I wore really cute banana republic pink pants! We had dinner in Old Town Alexandria at the Chart House a really nice restaurant that over looked the Potomac river (we also went to the same restaurant on our wedding night). You could see the Washington monument all lit up. We walked around outside. It was really beautiful! We danced under neath a lit gazebo, and he tried to kiss me. I let him give me a quick kiss, (in case you think he was moving to fast we had known each other for 5 months)
  • 1st kiss? You might think that it was the night of our first official date, but I did meet him one night for a quick dinner after work, we decided to play pool, and talk. We had a really nice time. That was 2 months before our first official date. He tried to kiss me and I gave him a quick kiss. As I was driving home that night I decided to tell him that I was not interested. Valentines day was only 2 weeks away. Even though I had turned him down he brought me a huge bouquet of beautiful roses.
  • How long did you date? We dated for 8 months before we got engaged.
  • Where did you get engaged? Well Jamie had planned a date, but I was really sick with a terrible cold. He was taking care of me. I was in bed, he had brought me some movies and medicine. We were watching a movie and he leaned over and proposed. It was not the ideal situation but sweet and he had the ring and was excited.
  • Where were you married? We eloped at a beautiful home along the Potomac river.
  • How did the reception go? We didn't have one, because we eloped. But when we get married in our church, we will be having a party! How could a wedding planner not plan her own party?
  • Where did you go on your Honeymoon? We moved to Utah 3 days after our elopement. We were busy packing and getting ready for our big move. We drove separate cars all the way from DC to SLC hoping to make it in time for Christmas! One of our cars broke down three times, the transmission went out twice, we got it fixed in Nebraska, we made it to the state line and it broke down again. So it got towed back to Nebraska with half of our belongings. At that point we were so late getting home, we decided to drive the other cars the rest of the way and Jamie would come back after Christmas for the big van. We had to stay in the most random cities, wherever we broke down. Jamie felt really bad because I cried a ton on that trip! I tried to do some nice things to make it special (aka dinners and a few funny sites), and we talked on our walkie talkies along the way! The most funny thing I will remember is it was so cold and we had a love sac on the top of the van, it fell off and Jamie and I were out on the freeway in the middle of a snow storm trying to get it back on. We had a dog at the time, and somehow we were able to sneak her into every hotel we stayed at and didn't get caught! We had added 4 or 5 days more then we had wanted, and finally pulled into My parents home at 2 pm Christmas day! I have made a promise to never move in our own vehicles again! One nice thing was my dad paid for us to stay at a few nice hotels as we traveled, I was so glad, a nice room made the trip bearable.(we got the honeymoon suite too!) So again after we get married in our church-maybe we will go on a real honeymoon!
  • Do you have a song? Yes Goodbye by Clint Black and Winona Judd. We listened to that song all the time while we were dating. Jamie would sing it to me!

That was fun- I tag Megan, Sadie,Teresa,Amanda and Amber

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Howling Pickup said...

That was really fun to read. I didn't know all of those things about you and Jamie!