Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Determination, Relaxation

After a night of little sleep(Ryan is having trouble sleeping lately) I woke up this morning with the determination to get a few more loose ends completed for Savvy Nanny. I headed over to my friend Sadie's so she could help me format the family application. We got half of it done, and will have to keep working. But it is coming along! Sadie I owe you big time!

Yesterday I met up with a friend of mine Jessica for lunch, we went to our favorite place, the Porcupine Grill. On the way I was caught in a snow storm. I saw 6 accidents, and a semi that had flipped over. Once lunch was over the sun was out, and the roads were clear. That's a typical Utah Morning storm!

I made a Quiche, and am watching American Idol, relaxing! Enjoy your evening too!