Thursday, January 10, 2008

Girls nights Out!

We all need a fun girls night out once in a while. This week I am lucky because I have two! Some of you might think I am being a little selfish. But Jamie for the past 6 months has been gone for volleyball and now basketball two nights every week. It just so happened that I got two invitations, I couldn't turn them down could I?

A chance to visit with friends face to face, without kids, and just relax! I think every Mom needs this medicine. On Tuesday I went to see JUNO
with my friend Aimee. It was a spin on teenage pregnancy, and was really funny. Tonight I am meeting a group of girls for dinner. Cheers to going out with the girls!


Steph & James said...

EM!!!!!!! I hope you remember me :) But Jana sent me your blog and I feel instantly connected to you again! Your little family is so cute, and I hope we can keep in touch from now on! P.S. I just had a girls night last night and we went to see Juno was really cute.

Steph & James said...

check out my blog:

Talk to you soon!