Thursday, April 17, 2008

You too can Fondue!

Gruyere Cheese Fondue

Our class was so much fun. Aimee and I had both had stressful days, its amazing how a girls night out can help you relax and enjoy! I learned that fondue is not so hard. It's really easy you just need to practice a few times. We learned many of the melting pots secrets. She gave us some of the recipes too! It was flavorful and entertaining!

Biggest secret #1: You don't need a fondue pot. Really the Melting Pots fondue pots work just like a double boiler. {Then you dont burn the cheese and chocolate! } I do want to buy a couple of melting pot fondue pots because they look so great for presentation, and they are so versitile.{They sell them at the restaraunts}

I will post a few recipes soon, tonight we are so excited to execute what we have learned. I really liked the broth cooked meat, I was a bit wary about it before the class, I had read online reviews written by guests of the melting pot, and they had not liked boiling the meats. I found that there were broths I liked better than others, one I suggest trying is the "Mojo Broth" it was so tasty!

I am off to prepare for the Party tonight! I promise I will share more secrets!

*I reccomend the Thanksgiving Point Classes. They do a good job and how fun is it to go to a cooking class? Im hooked!

Aimee Thanks I had a perfect evening!

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RecipeGirl said...

I've never ever done fondue. As much as I love it, there's something about making a big pot of melted gooey cheese that just doesn't seem to ever fit into my constant struggle to lose weight!!

There is a restaurant here that is called, "Forever Fondue." They have all kinds of fondue of course- savory and sweet. I've always wanted to go there!