Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New post

So I realised I have not posted all week, I usually post daily so I am sure some of you are wondering where I have gone. My Calendar has been full, and each time I have tried to sit down and relax{Blog} I have been distracted, so I just got back from the gym both of my sweet boys are sleeping and I am so excited to Post! I need some creative Inspiration today!

Monday: My sister and brother in law moved into their new house! Congrats Cass and Mark! So we went over to help them move in and get settled, it was so much fun organising her kitchen and putting things away. {I love organising a kitchen for the first time} It is a darling house, and we look forward to having many BB Q's there!

Tuesday: My friend Amanda and I met up early in the day to celebrate our belated birthdays. We decided to go to Gateway and shop, and have some lunch. We went to the DoDo which is 0ne of my favorite restaurants. We had some amazing Turkey Dips and Yummy Toll House Pie, The perfect lunch! Ryan has been showing signs of "turning two" lately, at the restaurant he threw a toy car at the people in the booth behind us. {I seriously thought about running out of the restaurant.} It was so embarrassing, luckily they had two little girls and just thought it was funny, although I wonder.... after the straw and napkin flew over the booth and landed on them if they still thought it was cute? He has a great arm though!

After Ryan had a nice long and much needed nap, Jamie arrived home early and wanted to go shopping {Fashion Place}. We found some summer clothes for Ry, came home devoured some French Dip sandwiches,watched Idol, The Hills, a bit of laundry, and to bed early!

Wednesday: And finally Today, I have to run a few errands, in preparation for the April Dinner Group activity Thurs night. My friend Tina is hosting and we will be teaching "Fondue Basics."I am excited, we will do cheese , meat and dessert courses.

My friend Aimee and I have a cooking class tonight at Thanksgiving Point. The chef is from the Melting Pot, hopefully I learn some great tips to teach the ladies in my neighborhood tomorrow!

This weekend, I have no set plans as of yet, but I have so many things to get done, because next weekend I have a really fun get-a -way "girls only" weekend planned, {friends,bridal showers, and some Park City fun} Stay tuned!

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