Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have not had the chance to update these past few days. It has been a busy weekend so far! Here is what we have been up to:

Thursday: My Grandma was in town, we went to lunch at Cafe Rio (always good) and a trip to Target for Birthday shopping, and she picked up Ryan a few puzzles. (He loves them!) We headed home for a quick nap for Ry and then played games the rest of the night! {Blockus , Im addicted}

Friday:I woke up early to take my Grandma to the airport, I am always sad when she returns home. Afterwards I took Ryan for a quick stop at the Gateway Mall (Love it) and then to his Aunt Cassi, and Brittany's work. We all went to lunch at a fun hole in the wall sanwhich shop that was really delish! For dinner, Turkey burgers with basil,and cheese,on the side "lots of Strawberries."

Later on we were hungry for a snack so I cut up lots of mini cucumbers and made low fat dip! It was so refreshing, and the mini cukes make it more fun to eat! We watched the Highlights of the Masters and American Idol on "Tivo" {best invention ever}.

{notice the cereal on the Ice cream?}
Saturday: Up early this morning for breakfast with some friends {thanks ladies always so fun}, then home to work on a few things for next week. At noon I met my sister at Super Target and we went through every isle.We headed to Downeast Home to look at furniture, during which Ryan ran out the automatic doors twice. (we got a good workout) Then we went to an organic and fun Ice cream parlor called Scoopology: it was interesting, they have hundreds of cereals to put as a topping on your ice cream, and they make it all in house every day. Cassi had cookie dough with s'more cereal, Ryan and I had strawberry cheesecake with golden grams. I like the idea but It was not as good as Cold Stone or Maggie Moo's! But I think we all should try this at home. It would be fun to serve vanilla or chocolate ice cream with Reece's puffs! mmmmm.

The weather was so warm today, I had to take Ryan's sweater off! I am so excited to spend more time outside!

Tonight : Easy dinner: Turkey sandwiches, Jamie is watching the Masters, I need to plan my lesson for church tom, and do laundry! Happy Weekend!

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Tonya Adams said...

Hey! You and your sisters are all so cute. I have 5 sisters and we all look similar in ways, and people often mistake a few of us for twins (which is funny cause two are twins). Anyway, I would LOVE to have you come and have your tan done. ha ha (that sounds weird). Anytime works for me, just let me know when works for you. Just make sure to exfoliate and shave before you come and don't wear any lotion. (I'm sure you know how it works.) Also, just wear whatever you're comfortable with being sprayed in. I'm excited! I'll talk to you at church tomorrow. :) Hope to see you soon! Oh and we should totally take the boys over to see the horse. Ryan and Luke sound a lot alike I think they'd have fun together.