Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update:

Thursday nights dinner group was so much fun. We had about 30 women attend. The food was yummy and our cheese and dessert were by far the best courses!

Off to the baseball game on Friday, the weather was gorgeous and Ryan loved running laps around the field. We met up with Cass and Mark and enjoyed some Gondolfo's Subs, and afterwards headed over to the Gateway for some after game dessert. Perfect night!

Belgian Waffles and some palymates for Ryan on Saturday morning, I watched my friends two boys, we went to the playground after Brunch, and they played while I basked in the beautiful sunlight! Love me some Sunshine!

Church and Family dinner on Sunday, London Broil and a fabulous roasted pear and feta salad. Jamie and I took a drive in my Moms convertible up the canyon and enjoyed some alone time. It was so beautiful, we stopped by a small lake. The view was incredible, and the conversation nice. We watched 30 Rock before heading to bed, {so funny}

This week, should be pretty low key, My list of to do's: Clean House {for real this time}, Register our Vehicles, Tulip Festival {and pictures of Ryan} at Thanksgiving Point, The Park, Spray Tanning {my friend Tonya does it in her home} call me if you all want to do it too, and Preparing for this weekend {I will be staying overnight with a group of Friends from College, who are all turning 30 this year.} We are having a Bridal Shower for our friend Heidi and celebrating our birthdays {we will be blowing out candles} Some of the girls are flying in from out if state. I can hardly wait!


The Birds said...

get a tan for me too. i am so white it is scary

Missy said...

I second the tan thing. I need one in the worst way! Looks like you had so much fun. We really need to get together sometime. It always seems like you're doing something cool!