Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Christmas is coming the GOOSE is getting fat.... Please put a penny in the old mans hat."

Did your mother sing you that song as Christmas was approaching? Mine certainly did, and now I am singing it too!

I have been looking for a few educational and inspiring toys for Ryan for Christmas.. Here are a few finds.

1. MARBLES- SO pretty, so simple. I think Ryan would love a set of marbles under the tree.

2. Nesting blocks. These wooden blocks made in Germany have so much charm. They are colorful, they are beautiful, you can stack them, make castles, nest them,put things in them, endless possibilities!

{you can find both of these toys here}

3. This book: The little yellow leaf, by Carin Berger. I juts love the Illustrations and we need some new books around here.

4. AND this book, Rosie's walk. A vintage book {with vintage illustrations} and a funny story!

{if I have to read them, I might as well enjoy them too}


Becca said...

Our all time #1 favorite toy for all of my kids is Magna-tiles--they're a bit pricey but totally worth every penny. They are the best toy ever! Also, you should check out the website they don't have Magna-tiles, but they have such great ideas for unique, fun and educational toys.

Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

I actually haven't ever heard that song before so if you wouldn't mind singing it to me I would really appreciate it!! Cute ideas for Christmas. I am totally with you on the books. We should enjoy them too!!