Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner

Jamie and I have the greatest friends! We were invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner The Night after Halloween. It was so much fun. My friend Heather hosted and did a great job pulling it off. I was Madame Garlique A psychic and floozy{love that word} anyways I brought with me my magic 8 ball to help solve the mystery.. We enjoyed meeting new couples{we only knew the hosts} The food was amazing!

Anyways I wish I had a better picture of the night but alas, this is all I have, but I must say I pulled off looking mysterious!


crazyamy said...

I have hosted a few of these parties myself. I love them.

BECKY said...

How fun. :) I think I like the word floozy too! SUCH cute pictures of the 4 wheeler and of his many faces!

Missy said...

I hosted on of those parties in high school. It was so much fun. I should really do it again!