Friday, November 7, 2008

A Cold and an Updated Blog

I have a cold and it feels scratchy and stuffy and itchy. Thank goodness I have this little monster to make me smile!

PS: Do any of you have an M&M Floor? I do!


Teresa said...

No M&Ms, but we have custom Lego floors, oh, and race car floors.
Sorry you're sick. I had that last week. Stinks.
Come to CA, we'll play at the beach!`

the Kargis Family said...

I love (hate) the lego floors. Nesquick is actually what we usually have at our house. It's a good thing these little creatures are so cute.

Ariana said...

Maybe Jamie could just grout inbetween the M&Ms and you could call it custom tile? ;-) Sorry you have a cold...something is going around. Preston's got a coughy scratchy throat thing going on. I think he's going home after sacrament tomorrow.