Monday, November 10, 2008

October Dinner Group

Caramel Apple Night

Thanks to all who attended and helped with Caramel Apple Night! It was so much fun! Thanks Mary for hosting!

This is the only group picture I have, sorry it is so fuzzy!


Tara and David said...

Oh how I miss you guys! I remember that from last year. It was so much fun. Our ward now does nothing like that ward. We do the quarterly enrichments and that is it. So I really don't know anyone in our ward. And all the people that live in our culdesac are not young couples.
I went and saw thriller in st. george..amazing huh! I loved it! I love looking at your blog!

Missy said...

Fun activity! Who doesn't love a caramel apple?

the Kargis Family said...

Sorry I missed it. I'll make ir for sure next year. You're awesome.

Karly said...

That is a GREAT idea!

Cami Kapp said...

Wish I could have been there! It was a blast last year.