Monday, November 17, 2008

How does your two year old photograph?

{Mine is really WiGgLy ...}
ryan, has been keeping us on on our toes! he is full of energy and jumps off of everything. so far we have avoided any broken bones or stitches. { i am crossing my fingers} he jumped off the front porch and it is pretty high. He just went for it with lots of gusto and I admit i almost had a heart attack. {it really wasn't funny} especially when he walked away limping. and what does he do, jump off of it again. I might have smiled then, because he looked so proud of himself.
this experience reminds me of my little brother zak who is serving a mission for the lds church in germany. this is my brother who fell out of the same tree 5 times and really and truly broke the same arm. the incidents stopped as soon as my dad {who reminds me of tim the tool man in his repair skills}, cut down that tree. zak didn't stop there his next climb was our roof and when he went missing, my mom would frequently say check the roof!
i won't even start to tell you about all the mischief jamie got himself into.
i better keep my eye on this kid!


Teresa said...

You're not kidding! Too bad you don't have 10 eyes, and legs, and arms......only when you need though, cause that would be weird.

Tonya Adams said...

ha ha ha, that is so so true!! Hey, I've been wanting to talk to you about our boys. I hear they are very similar in their speech. I would love to hear more about what you're doing!

Missy said...

Scary for you, I'm sure, but it makes for great blogging!