Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There is no place like home...

{Ryan devouring some monkey bread a Watson family favorite}

It has come to my attention that A few of you think we are still on vacation, no the reality of real life has returned full circle, I am no longer enjoying laying bed talking to Jamie for hours in the morning, or eating Panera cinnamon crunch bagels for breakfast.

On our trip home, our plane leaving Charlotte had difficulties and so we were late and missed our connecting flight. We spent 4 and a half hours in the Cincinnati Ohio Airport. Luckily we had a portable DVD player{thanks Tina it was a life saver} and we had lunch at Wolfgang puck {It was pretty good}. I had a terrible headache so Jamie suggested that I go and get a massage, I couldn't argue with him, could I? They had a small spa in the airport, and it was perfect. The four hours went by pretty fast and then Ryan and I both slept on the entire flight home. That was a miracle in itself.

We had a lovely trip but it is always nice to come home! My Christmas decorations have made their way out of boxes, our house smalls like spice, I still have to do laundry, I gained five pounds on this trip, and so I have been at the gym in the wee hours of morning. I still have Christmas shopping to do, and neighbor gifts, oh and Christmas cards, {they may get out a bit late this year.} I am not complaining, I am looking forward to some Holiday Cheer!

Tonight we are getting our tree- and I cannot wait!

With out further adieu here is the last of our pictures! Goodbye NC see you next year!

Looking out at all the airplanes is a perfect view for a two year old! Dum Dum suckers in mass amounts help for a cheery flight too!

Isn't that such a cool bird?


Missy said...

You sure know how to spend 4 hours in an airport! Glad you had such a lovely trip.

Sheri Keilman said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time, it looks like NC was a blast, can't wait to visit there someday! It is also great to have you all back home safe!