Monday, December 15, 2008

The Inlaws


playing games, eating turkey, sleepovers with our nieces, crafts, visiting, cookie decorating, laughing, canoeing.

let me introduce you:

playing games {jamie was the UNO champion!i would expect no less from him, he makes me proud}

beautiful izzy our niece with a Gerber baby face.

my niece katie had fun sleeping over with us and on a school night, she was the one who only wanted a "really good lunch" she entertained ryan for me and was so much fun.

grandma jan and sarah our niece who knows the word to every pop song on the radio. {she also knows how to dance just like the music videos, we had to have a couple of dance parties, and i was very impressed with her moves!{don't worry i had a couple of sweet moves too}

katie decorating cookies, {a tradition from my family}

ryan telling grandma nan goodbye,is in her late 70's AND She still works full time {for reals},she sews for people in her community, and can really cook! she never forgets a birthday and has a heart of gold! we are lucky to have her!

jamies sister kristen and her daughter izzy, kristen drove down from Virginia. kristens husband is serving i believe his third term in the military.

jamie with his mom jan and step dad duane

ryan and jamie taking an afternoon nap {much needed after all the adventures we were having.}
raelynn and katie, they are such sweet girls, we had fun watching sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 and eating salt a vinegar chips!they also indulged with me in a few days of crafting!
grandy kandi with izzy, grandi is special to us, she drove down with kristen to help her with her two little ones.

neices sarah and allison

ryans couisn nate {kristens son}
he has the cutest voice and a large vocabulary!
sarah proudly with her craft project
jamies mom jan, who is spirited and very funny!
duane jamies step dad who is the nicest person, he and jamie were able to work on a few projects together and we consider duane part of our family.
{we also enjoyed visiting with karen jamies sister and her husband anthony, but we didn't get any pictures of them}

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Lindsey said...

it looks like you guys had a wonderful trip!