Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Our friends Sarah, Adam and Talia, spent one day with us last week. Sarah and Adam are our friends from Virginia, Sarah and I were roommates, and she was dating Adam when I was dating Jamie. They live in Charlotte, it was fun seeing them.
I found the best BBQ restaurant for lunch "Lancasters BBQ in Mooresville"

Ryan and Talia {Ryan was so sweet with her, holding her hand and giving her kisses}
After lunch we decided to go back to the lake and enjoy the water. Jamie and Adam took the kids on the canoe, {i had no idea but Adam is a canoe expert and took Jamie on a long excursion. Sarah and I spent an hour trying to find them and eventually gave up}

Sarah and I were on the paddle boat, it was a nice and easy ride!
Talia found herself some leaves.
Talia and Adam
Sarah and I ended the afternoon doing a project while the men folk watched a manly movie. Sarah ran the Charlotte marathon the following morning, we are so glad they came to visit us!

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I love the South and all the stories you have posted! What a great trip for a great family!