Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree how lovely...

deck the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la la la la la. tis the season to be jolly...

{now can you picture ryan and I amidst many boxes of decorations,playing chirstmas favorites on our cd player, and hot cocoa with more marshmellows then cocoa?}

and don't forget our trip to get the tree of my dreams, ok maybe not the tree of my dreams exactly but the perfect not breaking the bank type. and i loved how my tree looked bundled on top of my car, very traditional don't you think?

someday i will have a tree that has nothing childlike , like beautiful white and blue birds, with glass balls of silver shimmering. and people will tell me what a beautiful tree I have, with a shinning silver star on top.

ry loved the experience, especially how the christmas lights {white only of course}lit up his belly button when he stuck one inside of it. my thoughts turned to ET, anyways,

how i just love christmas!


Sheri Keilman said...

Hey Em, how do you do the collages? They are so cute, and what a beautiful tree. I think all of the kid stuff on the tree make it that much more beautiful, because it is part of your whole family! All the glass stuff is pretty, but what fun is a tree when you can't have little fingers touch with oohs and aaahs! Merry Christmas!

Missy said...

I wanted to get a shot of our tree on our car too, but I didn't have my camera, plus it was pretty much dark so it wouldn't have looked as cool as yours!
Love the part about ET. Classic!
Someday our kids will grow up and Christmas can be fancy, I'm just trying to enjoy the kid time right now and not scream each time something else gets broken.
Have a Merry Christmas!!!