Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have:
Made valentine crayon hearts and hung them on our window {of course ryan helped}

Filled my heart bowl with cinnamon hearts

Uploaded songs on my I-Pod that I received for my birthday last April and has been sitting in my dresser drawer for 10 months, its about time.... my fave songs so far Black Eyed Peas Hey-Ya, I love that song.. And every one of Chicagos greatest hits, some dixie chicks, the beatles and enya {don't judge, I am just getting started}

Found a paint color I love for my kitchen chairs... I will post color {bright green} I might change my mind if the fabric sample I ordered does not match...

Made risotto with grilled shrimp- It was Divine and for another night made apple dumplings for a dinner party and they were a huge success to get the recipe HERE warning make these for a large group and they will think you are amazing and they are soooo easy!

I Attended a baby shower and found a great book to give the mom to be: Stories for little boys , and the Illustrations are beautiful!I found it at the cutest baby boutique in Alpine Ohh LA LA... They have the cutest things..

Watched the Superbowl for 10 minutes total and spent the rest of the time talking to the ladies about organic dairy products, husbands and how much they help or the lack of, and parenting toddlers 101. It was great, thanks Tonya for the fun party!

We Took down Ryan's Crib {ok I didnt help at all} and put it away in the basement, I actually shed a few tears during the process, can't they stay babies forever?
He loves his Big Boy Bed and it has been a smooth transition.. {but i can't help but wish i had another one to put right back in it}

{first nap on his big boy bed... he didn't get out once!}

Ate shrimp tacos grilled with honey butter here on a lunch date with my hubby you should try it!

Have started using the stair stepper at the gym and have fallen in love with it

Have recently acquired a treadmill and I am really excited about using it, it needs one part that Jamie has ordered and is on its way!

Have a couple of fun parties to plan, one is a surprise party for my Dad, he is turning 60 in a couple of months and we could use your party ideas! Shhhhhh It has to be a rockin success...

Enjoyed Jamie's many days off... work has been slow {not a good thing} but the silver lining is we have taken Ryan on some fun day trips like Jump On It, both father and son loved it! They Jumped for over an hour straight!

Planning a trip to Southern California in April, I am excited to make my list of things to do! I want a sprinkles cupcake, pinkberry, visit a few LA spots and to have a dinner party on the beach in Laguna... Hmmm what to serve?

Have convinced Ryan that Juice watered down heavily is much better then actual juice.

Have a fun dinner group planned for February, this one involves couples! stay tuned

Need to plan Valentines day on a budget... I seriously hate budgets!

Went to the Gateway with my friends and lunched at the Dodo

{i love these girls} alisha,tina,em, harmony

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Ariana said...

We are interested in having Jamie do some flooring in our new's something we'll probably have done in a couple months, but I would like a price estimate so we can budget the work in. We have 2 bathrooms with carpet (bleck!) and we'd like tile. Plus some tile in our entry. Perhaps more. Anyways, if he's got some time to do an estimate, have him give Jeff a call. Can't wait to see the paint for your chairs!