Monday, February 23, 2009


The word that came out of my mouth when the computer GuRu left my house on Friday... My HARD DRIVE IS WHAT? GONE!!!! BLAST! How do I recover the files I need? What about all the pictures? What do I do, I need my recipes, addresses, resumes, and PICTURES!!!

So the good : is I get a new Hard drive, for free because my computer is still under warranty for 30 more days. Whew!

The bad: I have to pay someone to recover my hard drive and it is really expensive. If any of you readers know anyone who can do this do tell!

So I am typing on my husbands computer and the letter M is always stuck... I can't wait till my computer is back in order.....


Missy said...

Such a bummer! I don't know anyone that does that, but I'll ask Justin if he does.

Katrina said...

ugh - that's awful! . . . makes me nervous . . . must go back-up all files . . . NOW