Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Silk Pie

Every other Sunday we have dinner with my family. I love this tradition because we are all so busy and rarely together. I mean all of us, my siblings, some spouses, and my parents all under the same roof. It is always a fun evening with great food, and games, always games...
I also love it because I just have to make a side or dessert. I love planning what to make for these dinners. This week I decided to make this chocolate cream pie with a homemade crust. {and yes I made chocolate curls too!}

{picture from the pioneer woman}
I loved the crust and wasn't crazy about the filling {the texture to me was off}. My family devoured it anyways! But I had to share this pie crust recipe link with you because it is a no fail recipe. And it was my favorite part!
Click here to get the recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Blog {she does it step by step, so you won't fail I promise!} And seriously It really looks like the picture, flaky and pretty! Enjoy!


Missy said...

looks yummy. We've started doing family dinners with Justin's fam like that every fast Sunday. It's pretty fun!

Moira said...

I've been meaning to try this recipe. Don't you just LOVE Pioneer Woman?