Friday, February 6, 2009

Menu of the week

{photo from stephmodo}
How many times a week do you find yourself thinking what will I make for dinner? I found myself in that very situation last night. I wanted something innovative, healthy and visually satisfying... A hard bill to fit sometimes . Unless you plan ahead...

I always have wanted to menu plan, and sometimes I do, but how great would it be to have your list for the week and have everything you need on hand? This is where I usually go wrong. I always make too many grocery runs and still sometimes forget a crucial ingredient.

I read the blog Stephmodo everyday, because she is really creative and has great ideas... And this morning she posted her menu... with recipes and pictures... You should check it out too! Especially this recipe for homemade Potesto Pizza!

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BECKY said...

Yay!! So many awesome posts since the last time I checked it! I love your upbeat and cute posts! I especially loved the one about Ryan and his personality... too cute!

As for making meals, I HATE having to think of something to cook on the spur-of-the-moment because I'm rarely prepared. How I do it is I make a list of meals I want to make (I just go through a cookbook and choose ones that I want to try) and I write down the name of the meal and the page number and then I read the recipe and write on my shopping list exactly what I'll need to buy for that. And I do it for like ten recipes. So I just keep adding on if I need more. (Like I'll end up with 4.5 pounds of chicken) Then I'll hit up the store, buy everything and I'm hooked up with meals for about three weeks! Of course I have to go and buy bread and milk and an ingredient I forgot in between, but I LOVE to know I have something in store for dinner instead of looking through my cookbook frustration after frustration of not finding something I can make with what I have right then.

And sorry for that blabbing, but it really is a stress-reliever for me!