Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ryan at 2 1/2
Loves to play superhero and run with his cape on up and down the hallway

Likes Juice and would rather drink then eat all day long

Loves to sing songs and read books

Is a pro at starting his own bath and stripping down before I even get upstairs, I have to be careful if I say its tubbie time, because he takes me seriously...

Gets is his highchair if he is hungry and sits there waiting

Has to go to bed with three blankies, two choo choos, and a cup of water every night and nap time..

Loves choo choo trains and the show mickey mouse club house, if I turn on something else he lets me know that it is not his show of choice.

Loves Turkey sandwiches and will not eat any other lunch meat except tuna. He will get out the mayo to let me know he wants one, and brings it to me even if i am upstairs

Which brings me to share that he is very independent....and knows exactly what he wants

He loves to brush his teeth and have his hair blown dry and styled, oh and he loved chapstick too!

Loves company especially girls and if someone comes over he thinks they came to play with him, I guess all his aunts have spoiled him rotten { and we love them}

loves to talk on the phone

makes huge messes in a short amount of time

is so sweet when he wakes up in the morning and searches for me for his morning hug
I just love this kid!

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