Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost one whole week of being under the weather. Stuck inside, Ryan has been a sickie too.. I have started feeling a bit better and need to to something creative. Poor Ryan has been stuck with a sick {slightly grumpy} mom all week, and the guilt has started to set in. He has watched Meet the Robinson's at least 25 times. So yesterday we made banana bread, and play doh. {the play doh was the best becuase I was able to supervise him whilst laying on the sofa.}

These are a few things I look forward to this week, after a week down anything sounds like lots of fun...

10: Go to the Gym every day. I think I should have my energy back by Tomorrow.

9: Make these adorable valentines with Ryan and hang them by our front window

8: GO OUTSIDE {We are SOOO stir crazy) Jamie tried to get us out of the house on Sat night. He felt bad for us sickies. So we tried to go to a quick dinner, it ended right after we got our food and Ryan vomited 3 times.... So much for pretending ....

7: Play date Thurs {one we plan to make}

6. My favorite part of valentines day Cinnamon hearts! Put these in my heart shaped bowl!

5. Deep clean and sanitize everything!

4. Plan a romantic date with Jamie one that includes dressing up, I need to feel like I wear more then a pink robe..

3. Painting my toes, I know its winter but it will make me feel better...

2. Make two new recipes for dinner

1. Do something for someone else, no more wallowing in self pity, I'm done!


Moira said...

Hey Emily, I like those hearts. You'll have to let me know how yours turns out. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Gotta love the winter. Hope you're up and about real soon. Take care.

BECKY said...

Get better soon! I can't wait to see some posts about the fun stuff you're planning on doing! And I want to see the cardigan. :)