Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have nothing profound to share nor do I have exciting news.. I am busy working for my dear father with whom I am working with on a new business. We hope for great success, { and more money = better life, don't judge me, I know you all are thinking it too} I have been busy at my computer doing anything but blogging, and so I have been itching to post. Its my joy, my outlet, my blog.

I do have a few things to look forward to, like getting together with some friends on Thurs, and a fun day planned on Saturday. I visited Orson GyGi's yesterday, and that always puts me in a good mood. I bought a huge long wooden spoon because I lost mine over the holidays.

On a lighter note { and no I will not be posting a picture} I stuck my finger in my immersion blender, and it HURT! I don't know how I somehow turned in on {you can cringe here}. So I have a huge band aid on my finger,and I feel incomplete and handicapped...

To Do- Clean House, drink a protein shake, Play Group for Ryan, Nurse Finger, Work

Not to Do- Watch MTV Bromance{ really don't waste your time lame}, snack on anything with carbs or sugar, get caught up on face book, spend money, stay in PJ's all day

I want to repaint my Kitchen chairs in bright fun colors. It would be fun way to change up your room and inexpensive too!

Furniture Painting Tip
Before updating or touching up a chair or small, lightweight table, elevate it over the work surface by gently tapping a nail into the bottom of each leg. The legs will get better air circulation for drying and won't stick to the surface.

{thanks martha}



I always think of Monica on FRIENDS chairs when I think of repainting chairs. HAVE FUN w/your day!

Missy said...

Love your to do and NOT to do lists. What bright color are you thinking of painting your kitchen? I need some ideas cause mine needs a makeover in the worst way.

Teresa said...

painting chairs sounds fun! we all want the before and after. I also want to hear more about your new business.