Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday!

* Recap on last nights game: It was awesome, I dont think I have ever enjoyed a game like yesterdays. The Giants beat the Patriots! Those in our party were on their feet and cheering, the last few plays were so exciting! Jamie has been excited for this game for weeks. In the past I would watch the superbowl, but end up chatting with the girls on the side lines, not really paying attention! But this year I was actually into it!

I woke up really early this morning. Ryan has a cough and has been waking up during the night. So he slept with us off and on last night. I really didnt sleep much. So since I was awake anyways I decided to get up and make these football cookies. I think they turned out really cute. It is snowing and there is at least two new feet of new snow this morning. The weather says we should expect the snow to continue throuought the day (boo). It really is a winter wonderland outside. So I enjoyed the beautiful view and quiet time this morning. Now Jamie is outside digging out the neighbors, I hope we make it to our superbowl party at my parents. If the snow continues I might have to invite my neighbors over to consume the food I have prepared!

Have Fun Watching The Superbowl!

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