Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its time for Spring

I have been wanting to make a tablecloth for spring. I want it to work for Easter too! In the picture below dont you just love the gingham tablecloth and the napkins with rickrack? Should be super easy to make, and maybe finnish with some pretty ribbons? Anyone know how to grow grass? I want to start growing some for centerpeices, a perfect place to put some decorated blown eggs!

Dont these carrots look amazing? I would love to make them for Easter, Ginger and Honey Glazed, Yum! And so fitting for the holiday!


Stephanie said...

Hey girl, I bet you can buy a kit at like home depot or Lowe's but if not...try this site (wheat grass is what you would grow..)


Howling Pickup said...

You always have the best decorating tips. I wish I had more ambition right now. Growing grass is so easy. Just put grass seeds in dirt and keep them watered and in the sunshine. I did it with first graders and even they could do it. It grows really fast too.