Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ryan's Christmas List

I want to make careful choices for Ryan for Christmas this year. I am sure you all can relate to the piles of Broken or unused toys that clutter up each of our homes. I have one child and we already have a large trash bag of unused toys. It makes me more careful in my choices for him.

Here are a few of the things I have found:

1.A peekaboo bag: they are great for learning, and of course those places that require quiet toys such as church and restaurants, or soon airplanes. Plus as they grow they enjoy this toy even more!

Check out the web page, they have stores that carry these in most states!

2. This alligator pull toy: I love how simple it is, and the bright green color, it makes you smile, I think it is a beautifully designed toy! Ryan loves pulling things and the sounds things make.And can you beat $14.95?

I love the website it has wonderful toys!

3. Zoom Around the Garage: A great toy for Ryan, in his nursery class there is a car ramp similar to this one, Ryan plays with it the entire 2 hour block, so it is obvious I needed to find something similar. I love this one from e-beanstalk toys. And I have been looking everywhere! The slide is a great feature too!

4. My mom and I were at Target last week, and we decided to walk through the Toy Aisles to see if we liked any of the toys. Well there is an aisle with play Kitchens, There was a blue Kitchen set, and we couldn't get Ryan to leave the aisle. He played with it for 20 minutes, so My mom thought it would be a perfect Christmas Gift. I said "I agree, but do not say a word to his dad!" I don't see anything wrong with a boy who likes stoves,dishes, and cooking! Some of the most famous chefs are men. I have to admit, I would love to play kitchen with Ryan.

A few books and I think I am ready for Christmas!


Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

Those are awesome. We are getting Jack something similar to the car toy, but it is Little People. I love the peek-a-boo bags and I think I might have to get one for Jack too.

Teresa said...

We had the peek a boo bags at our Super Saturday last year. If you want, I can get the instructions to make them. Then you could go nuts!