Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Martha Stewart and cookies too!

So did anyone watch the today show this morning? Martha Stewart was a guest and she was making the most beautiful gingerbread centerpiece. When Meridith was done trying to decorate her piece of the house, Martha wouldn't let her put it on her centerpiece because it wasn't perfect. She told Meridith to eat it, then Meridith told Martha to eat it. Martha then said "we want it to look perfect" Meridith replied "how rude"Martha tried to cover up the obviously upset Meridith,It was a little awkward!

I had to laugh because there have been many times I have not used what other people have done because I am a little bit of a perfectionist. (just ask my old roommates). Have any of you ever decorated cookies with a friend, only to find out that she cannot spread frosting, and the cookie looks so bad you wouldn't want to eat it?

Martha does have some yummy looking cookies on her website. If her crafts, and cooking didn't look perfect, she wouldn't be so popular. There is something to doing it right! Millions in her case!


Teresa said...

It sounds like Meredith doesn't know Martha very well. If it was me instead of Meredith, I would have insisted she NOT use mine knowing that my cookie wouldn't even compare to her works of art. BUT, on the other hand...Martha should have been nicer, considering they were on TV, not in the privacy of their own kitchen. Shame on Martha!

Emily Watson said...

No doubt! You would have laughed, watching it! I am sure she wishes she had not told Meridith to eat her cookie!