Monday, November 12, 2007

Krissys Wedding

On Saturday, I attended a wedding of one of my friends and old roommate Krissy. She had her wedding at Market Street in Sandy. It was fun to see Friends I hadn't seen in a while, and enjoy her special day! Her dress was beautiful, my favorite part was the champagne colored ribbon that was around the waist and cascaded down the back of the dress, it was almost vintage looking. The flowers, were shades of greens with red and pink. it was a great combination. Congratulations Krissy And Manny!

The food was wonderful, I had the Halibut, I usually order that when we eat there! I also recommend the raspberry torte for dessert, a Market Street favorite!

Afterwards, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon at home with my boys. We didn't leave the house the rest of the day. We cooked in, and watched a few episodes of carpoolers, and the office, and retired early.

Sunday was pretty typical for us, we had a nice leisure morning getting ready for our church service, afterwards we had some lunch, and a few visitors, then I made cookies to take to my parents for Sunday Dinner. I always love Sundays, because I have siblings that live away from home, but every other Sunday we get together at my parents for dinner. Its so nice to see them!


Teresa said...

I didn't know there was a Market Street "Cottonwood"! I do have to say, SLC has some great restaraunts! Have you ever tried Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon? It's been a long time, but I remember it being REALLY good.

Emily Watson said...

There is a Market Street in Draper too! Both of them also have oyster bars, and they are so yummy! We have gone to the one in draper a few times this year, the decor is amazing. We need to go to Ruths Diner,I have not been ther since highschool! Jamie would really like it, thanks for the tip!

Howling Pickup said...

Sounds like a gorgeous wedding. Have a great time on your trip!