Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NC Trip Highlights

And we are back! It is nice to be back home, and before I start pulling out all of our Holiday decorations, I'll update you on our Trip to the south.

During the first leg of our trip, we decided to spend a Day in the city. Jamie drove us around all of the old estates in the downtown Charlotte University district, and we had dinner downtown at Brixx. It was a really posh brick oven pizzeria, with great food. After we went to a fine foods store to pick up a few treats for our visits during the trip.

Another Highlight was visiting with some dear friends of ours, the Bodilys. On Sunday we had a lovely dinner with them at their home. Thanks you guys for such a nice time! They have a beautiful little girl named Talia, and Ryan loved playing with her!

We also took a day trip up to Chapel Hill/Durham, to eat at Fosters Market! I was slightly disappointed, because I went there with such high expectations, and found the food to be just OK. I did leave with two jars of Jalapeno Jelly, to serve during December! And it is really good! Then we drove around the area,with a quick drive through the Duke campus. And a couple of shopping stops along the way!

The remainder of the trip was spent with family, a nice Thanksgiving Dinner at Jamie's Grandmas home, and Kitchen remodeling at his Mom and Step Dads home. We saw our three nieces, and our nephew too!

Thanks to all of you, for a special holiday!

Ryan and his Grandpa Dwane

Grandma Jan getting Ryan to sleep.

Jamie working on his Mom's Kitchen

Ryan with his cousin Nate

Ryan and nate sharing toysWorking together!

What a sweet boy!

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Howling Pickup said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip! My sister, Darci lives in Chappel Hill. It is so beautiful there.