Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are stoked

We went out on our friends Boat, it was a great way to start off the summer! This is Ryan giving a thumbs up! He is ready to go!

Jamie getting ready to surf!

I love this blue eyed boy!

Maybe this summer, Jamie will jump the wake flipping and Ryan will swim with out his life jacket in grammys pool, and hopefully I will master my surfing abilities, and maybe even wake board....
My most favorite things about summer:
10: smells of suntan lotion and sunscreen and chlorine...
9: Watermelon and corn on the cob
8: Celebrating the fourth of July
9: Boating
8: Sunshine
7: BBQ's
6: Popsicles
5: Reading magazines pool side
4: Watching the stars
3: Flip flops and Sun Dresses
2: Family Time
1: Pedicures!
What do you love about summer?


Missy said...

I love your summer list. I love all those things too.
I'd add ice cold lemonade!

PS- Your son's eyes are so gorgeous in that picture! Love blue eyes.

Karly said...

That is FOR SURE my top ten list as well! Great minds......

Harmony said...

I love spending time with great friends like you. This will be a great summer and can't wait to go out on the boat again soon.