Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Being a Mother is the best and worst job .... You might be loved sooo much you might feel a bit smothered... or like me unable to go to the bathroom alone or sleep at night without little feet in my ribs.You might get a little nose wiped on you or chocolate cookies smeared on your favorite shirt. You might run upstairs{because all of the sudden it really quiet}and find the entire tube of toothpaste squirted out on your bed, or a box of cereal dumped on the freshly mopped kitchen floor...

But you also get to witness the first time they discover their pockets,or taste watermelon, and little hugs around the leg as you make dinner, or how when your child is sick and they just want you to hold them, or how my son kisses me just when I need it, and when I don't need it, and my favorite-the laughter that rings like a bell when you tickle them as you put on their PJ's or play "this little piggie".... The trust of a child is beautiful, my child trusts me and looks to me for his every need.

Often I find myself thinking about how I can teach him all he needs to know, so when he is grown he can survive out in the world on his own. I wish we didn't have to ever let them go.The bond between Mother and Child is special, I love how we only know what they need or want, because lets face it, Dads just don't speak our language...Motherhood is hard, but it is also worth it!Enjoy your day all of you Mothers out there,you deserve it.

Happy Mothers Day!


Cafe Johnsonia said...

This was great! I love those pics of your little guy. (We have a leash, too!)

So true. It wouldn't be as good to be a mom without all the bad things, too.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mary said...

"Little feet in the ribs"...Are you pregnant Emily???'
I love Ryan's little hand! I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Motherhood!

Missy said...

Too true. Hope you had a great mothers day. It's so obvious that you are an incredible mom!

BECKY said...

That was SOOOOOOOOO sweet.