Thursday, May 7, 2009

i wish

i wish i had a porch big enough to host a party
i wish i had lots of pretty table linens
and lastly...
i wish i had lots of pretty dishes to mix and match just like like these!

{inspired by: eddie ross}

instead we will eat grilled bbq chicken and watermelon on our usual dishes, and then maybe i can convince my husband to eat on a blanket outside, just maybe...
{even with all the wishing, i love my life}


The Fisher's said...

Remember how we talked about felt food?? These look awesome! Hope your dinner picnic was fun!!!

Heather said...

I just saw those glass beverage bottles at Kohlers in Highland. They're between the pharmacy and the produce (by the flowers)and have sparkling water in them. They're around $4 a bottle, and they look like the same as the ones at Pizzeria seven-twelve. Haven't seen you at the gym lately. Do we just miss each other?

Missy said...

Very cute. I'm sure your regular dishes are lovely as well. In any case, grilled anything is always great!