Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Update

My computer screen and camera were broken... so I have been without a computer and a camera for a couple of months..I am glad I have them back.. Here is what we have been up to:

Ryan and I headed to Laguna Beach for Thanksgiving {sigh, I love that place}.. We missed having Jamie with us, but the Guy didn't want to miss his "Turkey Bowl" that he organised himself.. , and I guess he had to work too. So we enjoyed the warm weather, and beautiful beaches without him. Ryan and I went on long walk every morning and found lots of sea glass! He was a great partner. I shopped, and had the best Guacamole with my other Pregnant sister Cassi, over looking the ocean, I bought my first pair of rainbows..{flip flops, if you dont know}and we had Thanksgiving with the ocean waves in the background. It was Perfect!

My cousin Josh was married the weekend after Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, {the real reason we were there}. It was such a fun and festive wedding, I danced till my feet hurt, pregnant belly and all, and the baby started moving like crazy, I guess it isn't used to that much excitement{ever} but get me in a Lebanese restaurant with live Middle Eastern Music,and the best kabobs.. and I can't help but shake my thing. Ryan slept through the entire reception on a bench in the back,{it was nice} the funny thing is it was so LOUD in that Restaurant, I couldn't believe how hard he slept. And when he woke up as we were leaving, my sister asked him if he liked the party, He got so excited and said YES A PARTY! And he really meant it, he had fun, I wonder what he was dreaming?

So far this December has been COLD! But we love the snow, and Christmas Music, and Christmas Movies, I cant help but love everything about this time of Year! I am planning our Church Christmas Party, it will be this coming Saturday, I will post more later. I have more lists to make...

Mom and Baby are doing good, I have been feeling the baby move and it is the most amazing feeling. I am so excited to meet him or her!

Ryan loves the snow, and I have tried to let him play outside every day, I need to get out of the house too, and the cool air feels so good to me! And look how happy he is!


BECKY said...

It's so nice to hear someone else who is OKAY with winter weather in WINTER! So glad you're out playing every day; I really think it is healthy! SO exciting that that babe is moving around!!! How many more weeks until the ultrasound? Good luck with the Christmas party. There is no doubt in my mind you've got fab stuff planned. So sad your camera is broken; I love seeing the pics you take! And rainbows as flip flops? That's a new one to me! And wow, I just re-read that and realized it's super choppy and random... oh well! :)

Diana said...

Hey! I am sooo jealous you got Rainbows!! I love love love them! I got some in Hawaii and had them for-e-ver and was sooo sad to have to throw them away! Where did you get them? CONGRATULATIONS on the baby! I love feeling them move too!! Glad you're doing well!!!

Missy said...

The beach sounds like heaven right about now. My kids have been playing in the snow lots too.
I am in charge of our RS breakfast this Saturday as well. I should be making lists right now! Good luck with everything.