Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Memorable 60th Birthday

I am so sorry that I have not shared my Dad's 60th Surprise Party with you. We pulled it off with a snap! It was so much fun, Here are a few details.....

He was so surprised and I caught the moment on camera!

Every Party needs a good drink, we made one called "The Larry" A sparkling cranberry and lime mixture! We even served it with umbrella straws!

The Menu was simple, we wanted to include our Dad's favorite foods, so we served Fresh Fruit, Shrimp Cocktail, BBQ Tri -Tip, Terriaki Chicken, Rice, Mixed Baby Greens with Balsalmic, Chocolate Baby Bunt Cakes, Strawberry Short Cakes, and Chocolate Dipped Macaroons. It was perfect, and Beautiful!

The most important part of any party is the guests. I know by Dad was touched by those who came out to Celebrate, His Brother and Sister, Mission Friends, High school friends, and those from his old Neighborhood and New. Even a few people from California surprised us!
My mom was so happy!
Everyone was asked to dress in Hawaiian attire!
We are blessed with great friends!

I don't have pictures but our friend "T" brought his ukulele and played the Huki Lau, and there was some dancing!
Ryan especially liked the balloons, and we made sure to get 60!


Lane, Amanda, Jackson, and Andrew said...

I'm glad everything went great. The food looks delicious! Now I'm hungry.

Moira said...

Everything looked so great. What a fun idea. You always amaze me with your energy and ideas for events like this.

Harmony said...

Em, Your amazing! Looked like so much fun. The food looked so yummy. Your parents are so lucky to have you!

Cami said...

I'm always so amazed by you! It's as wonderful as I imagined an more. Thanks for sharing the pics!