Monday, April 27, 2009

I love Date Night

Friday night was Date Night, we had a babysitter(grandma this time) And overnight too! Even better! I have been wanting to go to Pizzeria Seven Twelve, I was a bit worried (for Jamie, not me) because it is definitely a foodie type place. He loved it as much as I did. The food was fantastic! We loved the Butter lettuce salad with radish and blue cheese, braised short rib with polenta and horseradish cream, and the "in house"fresh pulled mozzarella pizza with fresh basil. The restaurant was cozy and full to capacity as any good place should be..

The verdict: if you like good fresh food, this is the best we have found in Utah County!

Check out their website HERE!
Afterwards, we went to see Fast and the Furious {Jamie's choice} I didn't mind, because I was still thinking about the food!


Shay Dawg said...

oh cute post!! i'm so happy for you guys that you had an overnight babysitter, that has got to be wonderful!! Thanks for the dinner suggestions, Em!

Diana said...

That does sound like a great night! Did you go somewhere fun for the overnight? Shawn and I need to get on the ball for date nights! He's so busy with head coach (they're doing really well though, yay!!) and I am done tomorrow with nursing school so we should try that place out... there's not much down here in Payson. :)