Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Fever

{pretty flowers from James, yeah he da man}

I am making... White Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Butter Cream. Its for a church activity tomorrow. This weekend I made a Berry Pavlova. It was sooo good. I will have pictures of both soon, don't worry. I just have been busy about the kitchen and needed something to post about.

{Picture from Raspberry Eggplant}

This weekend we went to a dinner party. It was FUN with capitol letters... On Saturday the weather was so beautiful I sat on the grass and let the sun beat on my back. There is something so wonderful about that. I think I have Spring FEVER... Just not a spring wardrobe, hmmm need that too!

Ryan has turned into our little athlete. He can play T-ball and of course Jaime has had him outside swinging golf clubs since he could walk. He has a great swing, I look forward to cheering from the sidelines! I think I will be a good cheering kind of Mom, I have the loud high pitched thing down.

I have the opportunity to perform in a musical that I helped put together last year, we will be performing next week. The group of girls I worked with have agreed to do it again, bless their hearts! I am excited because I love working with them.

It is almost time to work on my 2009 Re -vamp the house project... I need some change, color and spice in my life.. I just need to make it a priority I guess, and make the time right?

Besides sometimes I do waste it, {time that is} with I can't even remember what, and that's the problem!


Melissa said...

Those cupcakes look so great! I'm assuming the recipe is on that other blog? I'm going there right now to check.
I am totally with you on the Spring fever thing!

BECKY said...

Sorry to hear about the lost computer. :( And I love your Spring pictures. I'm totally with you on sitting outside and just feeling SUN!!

Katrina said...

those cupcakes looked so cute! i only wish i could've eaten one - I'm sure they were fabulous!