Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kids Swim Wear

With Spring and summer approaching and our trip to California, looming in the back of my mind.... I have been looking for swimwear for all of us. The hardest part is the little boy swimwear selection is so small and leaves much to be desired... My little guy has grown so much this year! We spend so much time in the water, and on the boat in the summer, he needs a couple pairs of sturdy shorts, they have to be cute too right?. I love this years selection from crew cuts{I love their line} if you are willing to spend over $50.00 for a toddler swimsuit. I'm not! Usually my go to is the GAP but I have not found anything I like yet. I bought one last year from Target and it fell apart after two weeks of wear, and the designs are cheesy. I like simple and classic, ! I think I should design my own line of kids swim wear! Crew Cuts: could you please have a sale?}

{crew cuts : $44.50 on sale}

{This entire ensemble above is adorable}
{$45.00 a possibility}
{I just found these at the GAP for $24.50 , and I just ordered them! Usually I like them longer but a three year old james bond look is cute too!}

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Diana said...

That is a cute outfit! Wish we were spending so much time in water like you do!! Fun! Are you going to Disneyland? (Cali trip coming up)? I love shopping for my kids! And online makes it so much easier! And I think you totally should make a fashion line!! I'd buy for sure!! :)