Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hate doing Laundry? Not any-more!

{image via desire to inspire}
Yesterday I did 4 loads of Laundry from wash to fold and put away. Today I have already completed 2 more loads. Our laundry is upstairs and is quite convenient, it is in the hall between the 3 bedrooms. I would love an actual laundry room, with shelves, baskets and ironing space, so I found myself dreaming... These laundry rooms are both functional and beautiful. I must share them with you...So you can dream too! And don't you think doing laundry would be so much easier in a space like these 5?

The colors in this room make me happy, {via desire to inspire}

{via HGTV}

{house to home}

{picture courtesy of flicker}

{original post simply grove}


Lane, Amanda, Jackson, and Andrew said...

I love the yellow laundry room. I think everyone always wishes for a bigger laundry room!! How is the potty training going? We should get together soon? Want to go to the tulip festival?! I am not jumping in after another croc though!!

crazyamy said...

I have to say that laundry would still be laundry and I don't think anything could make me enjoy it. The only good thing about laundry is that while I fold it I have an excuse to watch TV.

the Kargis Family said...

I love each and every one of these. So beautiful, but even if I had laundry rooms like these, they would never look like this unless I had built in laundry workers.

Missy said...

I love these ideas. Keep 'em coming! I really don't mind laundry. It's just the folding/putting away part that I dread.