Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like Father like Son

As you can see I finally got around to updating our blog. I had so much to update I needed the time to do it, so I decided today was blog day. Ryan hates Blogging because it means his mom is on the computer and doesn't pay him any attention. So now he has become smart about it, he will shut my laptop and unplug it! Smart kid! So this Is the last post because my child deserves an afternoon at the pool.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. We were on our way to church and had decided to walk, Ryan always runs far away from us so we bought this "monkey leash". It was the first time we had used it and he loves it! But I thought they looked so darling in their matching glasses while walking to church. I love these two boys!



Love this picture! We have a monkey harness too!

cake expectations said...

That's too cute! I love the monkey leash!

Missy said...

smart boy indeed! I love the walking to church picture. I think I need to get a leash mine too.