Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snowbird Jazz Festival

For the last two years Cassi and Mark have taken us on a fun date for Jamie's Birthday. This year they took us up to Snowbird for the Jazz Festival. We admit we didn't go up for the music, but for the scenic views and fun activities
* First we went up the mountain in the gondola, everyone enjoyed the trip up the mountain except me{I love the view hate the height and back and fourth motion, being motion sick is such a bother} Once we got to the top it was gorgeous and you could see the entire valley!

*Second we decided to go on the zip line, It was so much fun and I could have done it all night long.

*Third we tried the Alpine Slide, it was fun and Jamie and Mark raced each other down the mountain..

*There were so many other things to do, but during one of Jamie's rides down the zip line the trap door that lets you go down sprang back and hit Jamie in the knee{one man down} he was in so much pain we decided we'd better head to dinner. { I wont go into detail about the medics having to wrap his leg and ice it down}
*We ended the night with dinner at one of my favorite places Porcupine Grill!
Thanks Cass and Mark for a fun night out!


the Kargis Family said...

You girls are so cute. How fun was this date? It's been a while since i went on a fun date like this.

Harmony said...

Em, looks like fun, sorry about Jamie's knee. Hope he's ok

Blondie said...

I need to get out more... you have too much fun and I need to catch up!

Lindsey said...

how fun! we wish we were there to join you!